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Sunday, November 11, 2018

The fun never stops

Last waning hours of the Santa Barbara show. I took a fairly brutal beating. Did not fire. Place can be great or dreadful, was my turn to suck. Four shows, five weeks, getting a bit frayed around the edges.

Trying to sell collector material to a decorative crowd is always tough and I am looking for my mojo at the moment.

Came down with a bad case of bronchitis this week. Doctor prescribed antibiotics but they have not as yet done the trick.

Puked some blood last night. Had to temporarily cease taking heart meds because pharmacist found a potentially fatal interaction with levafloxin. Think I have a broken finger too, not sure how, has a weird new angle and I have lived  with this index finger my whole damned life.

Pals treated me like Typhoid Mary or shall we say at arms length so the human contagion has had lots of time by himself. I could blame the bad show on the smoke and fire but it would be bullshit because others nearby did well. Wrong material is probably more accurate. Stayed pretty positive considering.

Found out in my exhausted state that I have yet another show in Del Mar, setup on Wednesday. Perhaps my fortunes will change, maybe I will sprout wings one day too...

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear the bad news. I guess "When it rains, it pours...".