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Monday, November 26, 2018

More this and that

Potential suitors for the 2020 Presidential sweepstakes are lining up. Some make me cringe; Bernie, Warren are two in that particular category, some are clearly too old and have missed their shot like Biden. Kamela Harris is not my favorite, having spent a large part of her tenure protecting Jerry Brown from coming clean on his relationship to the power companies. Booker would not be my choice either.

Eric Swalwell
I like Sherrod Brown. I like Jon Tester. And I really like 15th district California Congressman Eric Swalwell. The representative from Half Moon Bay has impressed me every time I have heard him speak the last several years. Not a rock star like Beto but more cerebral and who needs a rock star anyway?

Trump saying he doesn't believe his own administration's climate change report is par for the course. But his statement that the environment is cleaner than ever under his watch is total bullshit. White House spokesman Lindsey Walters says that the report considers only the most extreme worst case scenarios. The lead author of the report says that all scenarios were considered and properly weighed in their conclusions.
The White House claim that "the report is largely based on the most extreme scenario" is false, said Katharine Hayhoe, an atmospheric scientist at Texas Tech University."I wrote the climate scenarios chapter myself so I can confirm it considers ALL scenarios, from those where we go carbon negative before end of century to those where carbon emissions continue to rise," she wrote on Twitter. "What WH says is demonstrably false."
The sight of little immigrant kids choking on tear gas is pretty appalling. Not all of their parents have legitimate reasons to seek asylum, being broke is not enough. But the level of illegal immigration is historically pretty low and the issue is being ginned up to cause irrational fear in flyover country. The closer you get to the border, the less people care frankly.

And the great majority of these people are not "stone cold criminals" as Trump refers to them, they are simply people seeking a better life for their families. We see them every day, cooking our food, picking our fruit and cleaning our yards. Native born Americans are actually much scarier.

But I guess I understand the Trump administration's refusal to backpedal on the issue of gassing toddlers. In their mind they will simply grow up to become stone cold criminals one day and they are merely acting prophylactically.

Trump suggested today that the government should start its own worldwide television network. Doesn't it already have one called Fox?

I received an email the other day from a right wing friend suggesting that white Christians need to start procreating pronto in order to keep ahead of the coming muslim hordes. Please. Visit Toronto, a city where all sects, tribes and religions seem to live together just fine, islamists included. Maybe get out and see the world before you start freaking out and planning the next crusade.

Great Jake the Snake interview with Joe Rogan. God I miss my late brother Buzz. Would love to share it with him.

Pulled  a hamstring pushing a big variegated agave around yesterday. Hope it gets better quick. Flying soon.


Anonymous said...

Could you elaborate on that Native Americans remark?

Blue Heron said...

native born americans, not native americans.