Raven at San Jacinto

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Early Morning Rain - Foxes & Fossils

Darwin should be a household name.  What a talent. These guys sound so good together, don't step on each other vocally. Think about how many great talents out there go mostly unnoticed. Wrong place at the wrong time.


wcgypsy said...

May I link to this?...or share?

Blue Heron said...


Anonymous said...

What a lovely song.

RoxAnn said...

Perfect song after our early morning rain. Gordon Lightfoot has always been a favorite. This rendition is lovely. Thank goodness these undiscovered troubadours have a medium to share their talent. There are 1000s of them playing bars, subways, local fairs, community colleges, small venues, treating locals to their music with such passion and perseverance.