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Tuesday, February 23, 2021

See you in the virtual world!

assorted beadwork - Blue Heron Gallery
I have just finished buttoning up my two virtual shows, the 35th San Francisco Tribal & Textile Art Show and the 37th American Indian Art Show / San Francisco, virtual editions. 

Early buy in starts tomorrow. I have a booth in each and I can not believe how long it took for me to set the things up. But I know it will be worth it. I think virtual is the way to go. Saves on hotels and food too. Feeling good about this one although you never can tell.

I am definitely totally bushed. I don't remember feeling this tired after fourteen hours of driving to Santa Fe, 'course I am older now. This thing took forever to shoot, catalogue and post.

I am very happy with my presentation and everybody else's looks fabulous too. Some of the best dealers on the planet, definitely needed to find my game to represent in this crowd.

If you are interested in seeing the show, spend the twenty five dollars and get in tomorrow morning while everything is fresh and available.

Visit this website for the Tribal show and this one for the American Indian.

Here are some screenshots from one of the promoter, Object of Arts, last promotional blasts. The greatest thing about the show is that a lot of the money is going to Toadlena Trading Post's Blessing Way Foundation and helps to feed and provide relief to poor native people, who have been disproportionately hit by the ravages of covid 19.

I will be out of reach to most of my peeps for the next five days, sitting rapt by the phone and keyboard, hopefully waiting for a sale or two. Will talk to you next week when I come up for air. Wishing everybody good luck and fortune. Stay safe and happy!


Ken Seals said...

Nice, glad you got it all done and setup!

Blue Heron said...

Thanks for your help, as always, Ken.

Juliah said...

I was delighted for the sneak preview! You have some beautiful items and I hope you sell some things. Good Luck! P.S. Love that cool comic book top hat featured on the poster!