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Tuesday, August 3, 2021

I've laid around, I've stayed around, this old town too long...

Coronela flag of the Spanish Tercios Morados Viejos Tercios division - New Spain

I got the wagon all hitched, ready to start my annual foray towards the enchanted lands. Hear the monsoons are kicking, hope to stay dry and in one piece, come home with a few bucks in my pocket.

Been a bit of a strange month. Leg started hurting after going up north, first ankle, then knee, then calf, might have a dvt.

I started taking a blood thinner, just in case. Hope it doesn't have a bad reaction to green chile, about to get a lot of it. Bunch of my pals down with covid, a few real seriously. Get vaccinated!

Haven't touched my camera since before San Francisco, longest stretch in years. 

Just not feeling it. Haven't been much into writing either. 

We did get a new boy kitten this month, a Leslie rescue. Very cute. 

I like the name fennec, after the long eared fox but honestly I don't get naming rights in this house. Obviously a lot of siamese but toes dipped in white paint.

Perhaps I will rediscover my muse or my second wind soon. Wish me and the new van luck. Gotta travel on.

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