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Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Pecos Bound


I don't care how funky I may feel, or if the muse has temporarily split town, it is nigh impossible for me to visit New Mexico without driving up to Pecos Pueblo for a looksee. 

This year was no different. 

I had a day off between the Santa Fe shows and drove northeast to the site of the ancient ruins. 

I have got some epic shots there in the past, the weather and clouds always hit the Pecos area with a lot of juice.

This year I got there and the sky was ready to just open up and spill. I would have to be fast and I would have to be lucky in order to get a decent shot. I put a rain jacket on, in case I had to give the camera some cover.

I was still suffering from altitude sickness but managed to plow up the trail to the site without croaking. Some snotty tourists from Spain were posing with the site closed do not enter sign in their arms like they had snagged a prize trophy. Showing lots of respect. Can't wait to go back to EspaƱa and return the favor.

I can read and I got out of there. This would not be my day for photography but I managed to get a walk in and back to my car before it started to pour like crazy and even hail and I grabbed a couple shots along the way for posterity. Whether keepers or not, I have developed a strange kinship with this place and will keep shooting there as long as I am physically able to.


island guy said...

I mostly enjoy the modern Spaniards I encounter, but it’s under appreciated what total bastards they were in their colonial period. Just looked up the pueblo, wow, 5 stories!

Blue Heron said...

This is actually the remains of the Spanish church, not the pueblo, which surrounds it. At one time it had over three thousand inhabitants.

katie lazar said...

what evocative photos. thank you for them. I don't know this location...but will remember it. thank you!