Blue Heron in flight

Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Crystalline sunburst, Arches

Happy 2-2-22! I was thinking about the pandemic and the many ways it has changed our lives. It would be banal and insensitive for me to bitch and moan about my lot when so many people have lost their lives to this plague. But I do miss certain things and one of them is traveling the rugged parts of our country and shooting pictures.

Covid has put a cramp on traveling for me. My shooting partner has to stay closer to home due to health concerns. There are places in the country that don't believe in protecting themselves or others and they are high risk for me. It has not been safe to run around. So I have stayed put these last two years, by and large.

I really miss Utah. Driving down the Shafer Trail at Canyonlands to magnificent parts unknown. The Tetons. Yellowstone. Canyon De Chelly. Bosque Del Apache.

We are all wired differently. I have friends whose idea of a vacation is sitting by a pool getting pampered, cuddled and fed. I appreciate that but would tire instantly. I have an incessant desire to process new information. Got no problem with cheap motels and road food if I am hunting visual quarry.

I am an explorer. I have a crazy need to see exactly what is around the next corner? Probably pathological. Luckily Leslie and Ken are game. But they know that when I am out in nature it is going to be up at dark and back at dark, squeeze every possible molecule out of our day.

Not for everybody, to be sure. But I have been bit hard by the wanderlust. And I miss getting out on the road and seeing those parts of our planet that don't get seen much.

Hopefully be back some day.


Ken Seals said...


Sanoguy said...

Just get that new Mirrorless Nikon and take off!!

Blue Heron said...

I have no need or desire for the mirrorless, happy to plod along with my D850.

Sanoguy said...

Just poking the bear!!