Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Scribe o' flab


I bought a new iPhone yesterday, my old SE wasn't holding the charging cable very well so I splurged on a 12. Even though it is not the newest and best, the camera should be a definite upgrade. The guy at ATT said that the SE was discontinued, might be a lie but whatever.

Anyway I do have a late new years resolution. See these chubby cheeks? I need to lose thirty lbs. in the worst way apparently.

I saw my buddy Don who moved to Florida about six months ago yesterday and he says that I have really pigged out. Shirts are definitely tighter. Hearing it from a friend who hasn't seen me in so long really sealed the deal.

Diet starts right now.


Julie Reeder said...

Ha ha. Love it. I'm more serious than ever. I'm losing at least 30. Love that owl picture. Wos is that fantastic!

Ken Seals said...

Wishing you success with that! I lost 20 with 20 more to go :-)

Sanoguy said...

25 lost here!

Anonymous said...

It was great seeing you and Leslie. Thanks for coming, I know you don't feel well.

I NEVER SAID YOU "PIGGED OUT" I merely noted you looked bigger.

Anyway, losing weight is always a good thing, so good luck with that, be as healthy as you can, and love you as a good old friend.

Be good, take care,


Anonymous said...

you will do it!!