Monday, February 14, 2022

Xiao Yan

I have permitted myself a couple of new distractions the last few months. I have been watching Chinese magical martial arts television dramas. Might be a bit juvenile for you, I myself enjoy them.

This is a good one, the first episode, you can binge for a few weeks if you want to catch up. Easiest way is to go to Drama Forest and find the playlist.

The first series I watched was called demi gods and semi devils, based on a 1962 novel by Jin Yong. It tracks three separate heroes, Duan Yu,  Qiao Feng and the diminutive monk Xu Zhu and is set in the Northern Song dynasty of 960- 1127. 

There were several screen adaptations, I really like this one that I have linked, which I have now finished. I get up early in the morning and watch the new offerings from China. Hooked.

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