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Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Heavenly visitor

Wild Bill told a version of this irreverent joke the other day. 

The son of god comes down to earth. All of a sudden, Jesus finds himself on the side of a road in the middle of rural America. 

He sticks out his thumb for a ride and before long a man in a truck stops to give him a lift. Not revealing his true identity, Jesus thanks the man for stopping.

 "Wow, thank you kind sir, so many people just drove by and ignored me standing there."

The man said,"Don’t worry about it! Thumbing ain't easy these days. This is just what decent people do." 

Settling in, Jesus props his sandals up on the glovebox and kicks back, enjoying the earthly scenery flying by. After a few minutes driving the man leans over, "Hey, I have this sandwich here, you want some? Let's split it."

Jesus was thrilled. "Wow, thank you man, that’s so kind of you! I’d love some." He eats the half sandwich. A few more minutes pass and the man leans over again. "Hey dude. I have a few beers in the cooler back there, you want a cold one?

Amazed by the man’s kindness Jesus says, "Sure! I’d love one. Thank you again." They each crack open a frosty brew.

After a few more miles down the road the man looks around suspiciously and says,"Hey…I uh, have a little joint here. Want to take a few puffs with me?

Jesus grimaces and pauses for a second and then says,"Ya know what, why not! What the hell. Let me have a puff. I'm on vacation."

So the man and Jesus spark one up, they drive down the road smoking the fattest doob, rocking out listening to great music and just having themselves a really good time. 

Finally, Jesus speaks up, "Okay listen! I just can’t keep this inside any longer! I have a confession to make. You have been so kind, so nice, I have to tell you… I’m Jesus! I am the son of god, the savior of mankind. I am the light and the way."

The man looks at Jesus and smiles and says, “Good shit, huh?” 

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Linda Wilson said...

Thank you for the morning chuckle as we had our coffee in front of a warm fire, I said what the hell wake n bake