Blue Heron in flight

Sunday, February 27, 2022

Ukrainian Chorus Dumka

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Anonymous said...

It is amazing to watch all this go down. Putin is a dead man walking. I hope he doesn't take too many of us with him. An interesting development is the world-wide popular condemnation of Russia by the general public. The whole world is watching...and commenting, and discussing and coming to mass agreement for mass pressure against Russia. Nobody could actively coordinate these individual actions, such as taking Russian vodka off the shelves. I hope this occurs next time the USofA, or any colonizing power, decides to invade some other country on the pretext of wiping out an ideology we find abhorrent. It would certainly be harder to cut off the US because we are so much bigger and stronger than Russia, but we certainly could be hurt in many ways by the coordinated but un-led actions of inviduals who disagree with our aggression. ~ Diane O