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Monday, February 28, 2022

Glance to the past

Tom Pecore brought me this picture of Leslie and my wedding celebration from May 15, 1994. We were married at our ranch, having met four years prior. My late brother David (Buzz) is in the foreground leading the toast. I miss him so. It makes me sad to think of those loved ones who are no longer with us. 

Garry Cohen is on the left border and I think about him everyday. One of my closest friends, struck down by pancreatic cancer. My mother Adelle is to the left of me in purple. I don't recall the couple to the right, they might be relatives of Leslie.

Leslie looks resplendent in a dress she designed herself after a 1920's lace dress she once owned. It was a beautiful wedding and I am proud and happy to still be married to the beautiful woman that I love.


Liz said...

I am so happy about your marriage. Looking at our family history, it amazes me how successful and happy our marriages have been. Even Buzz, who didn’t have a practice marriage first. Mine has lasted almost 40 years now and he still keeps me happy. Barbara’s has also been that long - but I have no idea if they are as happy as we are.

Unknown said...

You both look fabulous! I absolutely love Leslie's bridal gown...truly exquisite! So happy for you both...you guys are my favorite people! (Jay and I share the same anniversary date, but in 2005!)

Linda Wilson said...

Love the story, love the heart felt tributes, love you both

Julie Reeder said...

I thought that was your brother on the left. You both look stunning and happy. I would love to interview you both sometime and ask you about what kind of things , attitudes, etc that you attribute to your successful marriage.