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Friday, February 4, 2022

Great horned owls


I've had some five drink lunches, a three dog night once or twice and even a two punch knockout.

Don't remember ever experiencing a three owl day but I was lucky enough to have one yesterday.

I was shooting with my buddy Ken, location shall not be disclosed. We hadn't shot together in a long time and it was a treat to be out with him. Have logged many thousands of miles on the road shooting nature with Ken.

Capturing the first two great horned owls was fantastic, later finding the third one by its lonesome was an absolute cherry on top! These creatures are not easy to ever spot in the daytime. They are mostly nocturnal hunters but can be both diurnal and crepuscular depending on their nutritional needs.

What was funny was that only a few minutes before spotting the first pair, Ken was talking about wanting to get a picture of an owl.

I reminded him that we had got some great ones a few years back in Borrego.

But these guys were absolutely ordered up.

They were ensconced in dense shadow and thicket and our vantage wasn't perfect but it was certainly good enough.

What a treat!


Julie Reeder said...

So cool!

Ken Seals said...

Great job on the owl photos!!!

Kent said...

They are truly beautiful and majestic, thanks.

Liz said...

I am so jealous of your skill. Beautiful pictures of glorious birds

Anonymous said...

Makes me wonder Who
One wise Owl to another
Then started to say