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Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Carlos on Jerry

“Most people who play the blues are very conservative,” Santana once
wrote of Garcia in a feature for 
Rolling Stone. “They stay a certain way. Jerry Garcia was painting outside the frame. He played blues but mixed it with bluegrass and Ravi Shankar. He had country and Spanish in there. There was a lot of Chet Atkins in him – going up and down the frets. But you could always hear a theme in his playing. It’s like putting beads on a string, instead of throwing them around a room. Jerry had a tremendous sense of purpose. When you take a solo, decide what to say, get there and give it to the next guy. That’s how Jerry worked in the Dead.” 
“Jerry was the Sun of the Grateful Dead – the music they played was like planets orbiting around him,” he continued, ostensibly referencing the band’s psychedelic sensibilities. “He wasn’t a superficial guy at all. It was a lot of fun to play with him because he was very accommodating. He’d go up and down; I’d go left and right. And I could tell he enjoyed it because the Dead always invited me back.”

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