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Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Veal scaloppine la Marsala, roasted garlic potatoes and brussels sprouts with pancetta

Tonight's dinner worked out quite nicely.

I had made Leslie chicken marsala before but never veal.

the sides ready to go in the oven
The pancetta Brussels sprouts were the bomb. 

The pork got crispy after roasting and added a wonderfully piquant flavor set to our entire meal. 

Tough to get everything to time just right but somehow it did.  

The dumb recipe gave no amounts on anything, just a picture and you had to guess the measurements. 

My wife is a pro and we ultimately had no problems. 

I prepped the meal, rolled the veal and cooked the side dishes. 

When she got home she prepped the mushrooms and we started cooking the veal and finished the cooking together.

Leslie gave the meal an A which I thought was cool, vacillated at A- and then said what the heck, A. I'm very proud. She made some helpful suggestions on my dredging technique, I learn every day I cook. I also forgot to spray the bottom of the baking dishes and that added a demerit.

But honestly, this dinner kicked ass! Very tasty. Marsala is such a nice cooking wine and the veal was incredibly tender. The caramelized Brussels were divine.

Scaloppine was one of my late mother's best dinner recipes, I like to think she would have enjoyed tonight's supper as well.

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