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Saturday, February 4, 2023

Jesus gets a rebrand

I sent the following email out to some friends this morning. Please don't take offense, it is a true story and I wanted to get a few reactions, not bash. Truth is I was baptized and raised Methodist before my mom took the left hand turn to Unitarianism. We did a lot of religious singing at home and in church and I can't help but think of mother's favorite, the song "give me that old time religion, it's good enough for me." 

So what are they thinking? We know Jesus's ratings are down but that has more to do with the flock than the son of god. Perhaps a mullet would be a nice refresh? Maybe some new threads, a little rap or hip hop music? Everyone knows that more and more young people are leaving the church and that something has to be done. But what?

I say leave him alone, the message still works. 2023 years later, who else has their initials on a penny? The article says that Jesus loves who you hate. I know, why not try loving them too, just as an experiment?

I have received three responses.

Two of the ads?

**They seem pretty "liberal"...  effective...?

What three Christians say:


If they’re serious, about re-branding, Jesus, change his name to Beauregard. Southerners love people named Beauregard…


Blue Heron said...

The videos are nicely shot, Ralph. Dorothea Lange feel.

Liz said...

Hmm, you are mistaken. I started UU Sunday school at 5. I remember the minister, but have forgotten his name. We did not do the Methodist thing until we lived in El Paso. I got baptized there because mom wanted us to be closer to the community. The Methodist church was close to home. After we did a year of Methodist we went back to UU. The abusive asshole used to preach at the local UU fellowship. Met my first boyfriend, Eric, at the fellowship.

Later on mom declared that we had always been catholic. She also said that our very Jewish maternal grandmother was a Christian Scientist. She was very good at telling stories