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Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Can't wait...


And guillotines. Let's bring back the middle age, shall we? More here. My friends on the right, is this what you want, are you down with this? If you elect him, I hope you will own this if it comes to fruition.
As Donald Trump's second re-election bid begins to pick up steam in the new year, details about the former president's plans for his return to the White House have begun to emerge — including a new report from Rolling Stone, which alleges Trump has begun polling his advisers on whether he should bring back firing squads, hangings, and even the guillotine should he win in 2024.

According to two sources, the former president has even begun exploring the possibility of group executions, with a third person claiming Trump has expressed interest in a government ad campaign to highlight the administration's lethality and, per Rolling Stone's source, "help put the fear of God into violent criminals." 
Is there a discount rate on group executions?


Anonymous said...

Think of the entertainment value, and the peripheral income it would derive for the nation. We could make executions public again, with fanfare and fundraising for all.

North Korea, Iran, Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, and the Philippines. Oh, and America. Yeah, those are the only nations on earth where the death penalty is on the increase… Jhciacb

Scrota said...

The left have started the disinformation early as a run up to the next presidential election. You wonder who could possibly believe this crap, having already lived through
election cycle after election cycle, but it never changes. They float this or that
propaganda judging what will stick and then press it home over and over, first suggesting it, and then referring to it as gospel, then as chiseled in stone. There is
no truth, only what you get the masses to take to heart.

If you don't believe this could be accomplished in 'modern' life just look at the next
story and know garbage like this could be used to slaughter 6 million.

Adolf Eichmann