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Tuesday, February 7, 2023


It has been an interesting couple of weeks. Knowing that my schedule was about to get busy I actually took my foot off the gas pedal. Accomplished next to nothing. And am quite happy about it. I am the sort of guy who pushes all the time. But I am learning to pick my spots as I get them and to lay off a little bit.

Lightning has not struck me down. Yet.

It will get busy again soon enough. We are going whale watching this afternoon. Tonight I am making veal scallopine marsala accompanied by Brussels sprouts and pancetta.

Yesterday Leslie and I interviewed a potential new doctor in the morning and then did an abbreviated food crawl up the coast. We started at Pelly's with crab cocktail and chowder then stopped off at Tip Top to buy wild boar, veal, a roast, and a snack of jarlsburg and roast beef. 

Afterwards we stopped at the Japanese restaurant that took over for Panca, Naegi, and split a chicken sandwich. It was very good but the IBC root beer pushed five bucks (without ice or a glass) and that might be enough to cancel our return ticket.

We needed dessert but the Vietnamese bakery was closed. And bummer for me, my go to pho place, Yummy,  is also permanently closed and turning into a Himalayan restaurant, one of my least favorite cuisines. If you are a yak aficionado, please complain somewhere else.

I had an intense dream of being in a river in the Sierras last night. Painting canvases in Yosemite and fording creeks. 

I really wish I could find the time for a trip to the wild, maybe I can do it in March. Nature is calling me. 

The Tetons and Yellowstone would also work but I think March is way too early. We will see what I can ultimately do. 

We must all smell the flowers along the way. 

Cash your fun tickets while you can still use them.

God wants you to smile and laugh. I think I need trees and a river.

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Anonymous said...

Stunning photos! Really enjoyed these.
Ever tried the sauerbraten and red cabbage plate at Tip Top? Enough for 2 people and a pet but very good. Love that market!!