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Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Pacific Vibrations


Leslie and I went out whale watching yesterday afternoon in Oceanside.

Last Wednesday, one of Leslie's friends was on the same boat when a humpback got very creative with many dives and breaches next to a fin whale. We were not so lucky yesterday, in fact it was one of the most meager trips we had for cetacean sightings.

Boat was captained by Chris, a very nice guy we have gone out countless times with and crewed by Tecon, who was new to us but chill.

We saw one juvenile gray whale heading south to Mexico but he was a bit shy and we didn't have much of a show.

He was pretty onshore at around the 80' mark. 

They like to stay close as their natural enemies the orcas prefer the 100 to 120' depth. 

Orcas decimate the juvenile gray whale population on their annual migration back to Mexico.

We ran into a couple decent size pods of bottlenose dolphins. 

Did not see any of the huge megapods of common dolphin we normally encounter.

The people that shared our voyage were exceedingly cool yesterday, very nice folks.

Even with the limited bounty I was happy as a clam, just to be out on the water. I look forward to returning to the Oceanside Adventures boat soon. A bad day out on the water is still a very good day and our day was not bad at all. We are just very spoiled.

This is a picture of my uncut handbill sheet for the classic surf movie Pacific Vibrations. Many think of this as Rick Griffin's masterpiece and Rick signed it for me way back when. There may only be one or two more of these in existence, if that many. I bought this from Gordon M. 48 years ago.

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Anonymous said...

so cool, love the movie it was perfect slice of the early 1970s and severson's artsy photography, thx