Saturday, February 11, 2023

Mail call

I get stuff from you folks.

Terry Dewald recommends Stairway to heaven, from the heart.

RenĂ©e and Christie have been bopping around the poppy fields of Lake Elsinore and eluding the authorities. 

Good for them. 

Watch out for whiskey stills and tweaker labs, girls.

Allan sends a picture of a car forest in Goldfield, Nevada. Shades of the ant farm. Pretty cool, Smash. You could use a new phone.


Russians want to reclaim Alaska. Friend up there sends me this: blah, blah bring it on, they have been saying this for years, we have huge population of Russians that Oregon gave a one way to Alaska years ago. They all are the rats of Alaska using every scam, there are a very few good ones, their idea is what mine is mine and yours is mine. Funny they all live near the missile site and commit a disporting degree of crime, But who knows may have to bone up on my Russian  , Thanks JB


From Ray H, who long ago saw 60 in his rear view mirror:

Jon sends the latest in male interest planters:

Mel sends this over; Satanic Temple opens telehealth abortion clinic and names it after Samuel Alito's mom.

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