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Sunday, February 12, 2023

Red tailed hawk siblings on the ledge


Having been a pretty outgoing person in Fallbrook who has lived here for over four decades, people sometimes ask me how I navigate the various groups and factions in town? It is a good question and one that it is hard to come up with an answer for.

I guess you deal with people as individuals, one at a time. If you can find common ground, beautiful. I try to. But there are times you have to go it alone and I have no problem there either. I have written a widely read blog for sixteenth years and I have many opinions, not everyone will agree with all of them, it is a necessary fact of life.

The time Leslie was attacked in her store and we got nine pages of online death threats was such a time. She could not answer the scurrilous lies, on advice of counsel, and we had to bite our lips until they bled. I am not sure that some of the bad feelings will ever go away. The criminal charges were dropped when the witness stepped forward and uncovered the bed of lies but people believe what they want to believe and there is nothing you can do. She saw some people's true colors when the chips were down and they will never be forgotten.

I got two nasty troll comments regarding my wife this morning. The anonymous asshole who sent them is actually baiting me, because there is not a chance in hell I would ever print them. Why waste your time fucking with me, I wonder?  Delete.

I went into a restaurant today and saw a guy that I used to work out with walk in. He was one of the people who was affable at one time and then a switch hit and he became cool as ice. Never sure why but probably politics. It was no great loss, believe me, he was never what you would call an intelligent man, never close and I don't work out at that gym anymore. But my antenna are still good.

I said hello this morning and it was all he could do to summon a painful, neutral grunt. So I filed a mark in my internal ledger, don't even bother being pleasant with this one next time. 

Enjoy your true comrades, try to be friendly to everybody, regardless of creed, color or class and don't sweat the assholes. Perhaps that is my philosophy. Not everyone is going to like you and those that don't you can live without. 

Anonymous trolls are cowards and if you leave them alone and don't feed them, eventually they slink back to the dank reptilian hovel they dwell in under some fetid smelly rock where they can indulge in their gluttonous coprophagia.


Anonymous said...

The signature “Anonymous” is synonymous with “Chicken Shit.”
I have verified that.


Richard Carpenter said...

Completely agreed upon Robert. Like the Aikido master you just deflect their energy elsewhere with minimal energy from yourself. Obviously displaced anger is so commonplace these days. I practice the same thing, looking for the common belief or trait to interact with someone without the divisive rancor. Most people eventually come to the realization that we relate well on most topics. This stage of life it is more important than ever. As Bonnie Rait says in one of her songs, "Life gets mighty precious when there is less of it to waste". Removing your energy from the conflict, as you write here, will lead to these mental midgets leaving with the tide. Love that great picture of the hawks. Last thought, in light of the passing of Burt Bacharach, maybe we can break into the Jackie Del Shannon version of "What the world needs now, is love sweet love, No not just for some, but for everyone!"

Richard Carpenter

Blue Heron said...

I deleted another nasty comment from the toxic frau. Sick human being.

Anonymous said...

One year reader, first time commenter, Steve W

This is for Anonymous, the unhappy, cowardly, Golem like creature who saw fit to post 3 disparaging comments about Leslie Sommers in 2 days. Is it that you are so jealous of Leslie’s beauty both inside and out that you couldn’t refrain from embarrassing yourself? Or is it that you are so bereft of decency and love in your life that you couldn’t restrain yourself spewing garbage about others?

I don’t particularly care which. You are a person to be pitied, a troll attacking others for personal pleasure.

But Karma is a bitch. Karma means work; good work brings good Karma, bad work brings bad.

You have bought yourself a whole heap of bad.

Good luck with that.

Anonymous said...

Off subject. But I thought you might like it and I might rehabilitate anonymous.

Ken Seals said...

Sadly, there are SICK people out there :-( Fabulous photo of the three hawks!