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Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Ravioli time

There are a mother and daughter in Fallbrook that are now teaching the finer art of pasta making from scratch as well as giving Italian cooking classes.

Leslie, Linda and RenĂ©e went to their ravioli making class last night. 

They said it was a delightful experience and that the teachers Annalisa and mother Paola were very talented.

Leslie came back very happy and is looking forward to the next lasagna making class. I note the red wine glasses.

Unfortunately, she told me that men are not invited although I definitely see a guy in the picture! 

Or one of these girls really needs a shave...

Oh well, at least I get to eat the bounty!

Looks like a lot of fun. My mother and grandmother made their own pasta.

How nice! I know that she is looking forward to more classes.

I will let you know how it tastes later. 

Thanks to Linda for sending the pictures over.

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Anonymous said...

Men are welcome…. I was teasing you!