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Sunday, February 5, 2023

Tuberculosis Mary and Hive Survival

Yesterday, I was reading about a woman up in Tacoma who refuses to accept medical treatment and quarantine for tuberculosis. 

The Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department in Washington has obtained multiple court orders requiring a Tacoma resident to get treatment for her active tuberculosis, officials told NBC News on Friday.

The woman has thus far refused to isolate or take the necessary medications, according to Nigel Turner, the department's division director of Communicable Disease Control.

Many of my friends (and some of my family) refused Covid vaccines. Is it safe to ask you folks if you feel like it is proper for this woman to refuse treatment and potentially cause a public health crisis and tuberculosis contagion?

If you do not, why is this different? Does her "freedom" include the right to infect her neighbors? 

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Jon Harwood said...

I am amazed that no one has taken some weird position so we can have a nice online battle. I was looking forward to it but now I'm broken hearted (here I sit so broken hearted).