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Thursday, February 2, 2023

Quick mailbag

Hudgins sends: How the Freedom Caucus Hopes to Defund the Police

Michael's daughter Harper is a young volleyball whiz. Three kills. Last one rocks.

Risking your life at the gym.

Renee offers: Rare white dolphin spotted off Dana Point.

Loughlin send an article about the I-5 killer, ex Green Bay Packer.

Allan sends a Salton Sea dry dock picture.

Shawn sends pics of the Black's crumble.

Ray sent this.

Ricardo send pics of the quarantine elevator in Chiang Mai.

Steve sends pics of the other side.

Surfeit of lampreys - Salon

From Millard: Unattractive people are MORE likely to keep wearing face masks in post-Covid era, study suggests.

From Renee : Last of us? Dangerous fungi on the loose.

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Anonymous said...

LOVE the quarantine elevator photo! Everyone face the walls! ~ L