Friday, June 9, 2023

Loutish Swine

With all the attention on the classified document indictment, I was a bit taken aback yesterday when Trump lawyer Joe Tacopina asked that the $5 million dollar award in the E. Jean Carroll sexual assault claim be reduced because it was "grossly excessive."

If anything was grossly excessive it surely was the behavior of the former President with countless women.

Trump’s lawyers on Thursday noted in a written submission that the Manhattan federal court jury rejected the rape claim made by Carroll, concluding instead that she had been sexually abused in spring 1996 in the store’s dressing room.

“Such abuse could have included groping of plaintiff’s breasts through clothing, or similar conduct, which is a far cry from rape,” the lawyers wrote.

Following the verdict, a revised award should consist of no more than $400,000 for sex abuse, no more than $100,000 for defamation and $368,000 or less for the cost of a campaign to repair Carroll’s reputation, the lawyers wrote. If a judge does not grant the suggested reduction in the award, then he should permit a new trial on damages, they said.

So let me get this straight. Are they honestly saying that the sexual assault could have merely been the unwanted groping of a woman's breasts or digital penetration and therefore should only be worth a million or so in damages because the jury could not ascertain if a penile rape actually took place?

What a freaking pig. Negotiating the price of his sexual assault. Charming. And so predictable.


Sanoguy said...

Please don’t demean pigs by comparing Trump’s behavior with those noble and kind animals!

KAT JOY said...

I agree with Sanoguy. Any animal, such as a pig is a better creature by light years away from that no. 45 POTUS.

Blue Heron said...

Okay, okay. I would like to heartily apologize to any pigs or any other barnyard animals for that matter that may have been offended in any way by my blogpost.

Sanoguy said...

Thank you for the apology... I am responding for all of those kind, self effacing pigs out there!! They accept your apology, BH!!