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Friday, June 9, 2023

Bumming around town

I have harped on this before and I know that the building is for sale. Still, it is amazing to me that an entity like the Mission Resource Conservation District, which ostensibly functions as a group that tells people how to optimally take care of their land, can be such pigs.

The weeds grow taller and taller inside and outside the building grounds, which is right next to my shop. I took this picture a month ago, it is even worse now, with weeds growing through the cracks in the asphalt.

They took a beautiful landscape with lovely mature trees and turned into a chaotic bramble. Now honestly, I am all for organized chaos, I leave quite a bit of my own landscape au natural but I do tend it on occasion and I live far away from a busy downtown epicenter. They do nothing and it shows.

If they were trying to introduce a paradigm of sustainable native xeriscape, they have only showed it at its nadir and absolute worst. One can only hope that the next tenant has more concern for the building and the community.

I love Julie Reeder, think she is a fantastic person, never have had a cross word with her and appreciate that she defends herself as required, even on my blog. But I can't read her Village News newspaper anymore, it always had a rightwing bent but has lost all semblance of neutrality and balance since a certain editor left.

I was in the dentist's office today and picked up the latest issue while I was waiting for my appointment, which was a half hour late. What did I find?

  • An opinion from arch conservative County Supervisor Jim Desmond that the utility companies and young people today are engaged hip deep in a vast marxist conspiracy.

  • A letter with an inference to a recent column where Jesus Christ was awarded employee of the week. Oh really, how did I miss that one?

  • A single column in National News sourced from the Epoch Times that features an unproven accusation that a key informant witness in some Hunter/Joe Biden bribery conspiracy has been silenced or worse.

There is more but I don't need to go there. All of the national news items have a similar hard slant to the extreme right. It is obvious that there is an agenda at work here. Perhaps the publisher believes that she is imparting news that can not be obtained in other places because of the country's mainline news conspiracy, I don't know? Why print this in a small town newspaper? What exactly is at work here?

In a fairly evenly divided town I wonder how much sense it makes to alienate so many of us who do not share the right wing MAGA political philosophy? I am not even asking for balance. Give me local news, grange picnics, garage sales and obits, leave the other stuff to Breitbart and Newsmax.


My dentist of near forty years retired a couple years back. His name was Ronald Allison and he was the best. I went to the man who bought his practice but never felt truly simpatico. I went because Ron's dental hygienist Hamish joined the practice and I both liked him and was comfortable with him. Well, that practice was sold to another practice, one which a close friend actually helped start and I continued to get cleaning there.

I got word recently that Hamish retired because of medical problems. Bummer, it happens, he has faced a lot of crap in his life and I wish him well. Great guy, great laugh, easy to talk to.

I went to get a cleaning today and felt a little trepidation. They were late, then the twenty something girl started telling me that I needed to spend more money for fluoride, wasn't brushing my tongue enough, needed to do this and this and just wouldn't stop the hectoring. She was lecturing me and upselling me and after the sixth fluoride push and nag I finally had it and stopped the procedure.

"Miss, I am sixty five years old. I was a patient of your predecessor for over thirty years. I want you to know that I resent your patronizing tone and don't like being talked to like I am an eight year old. I don't want to sound like the pissy old man but you need to back off and stop harassing me."

She apologized and tried to explain herself and I apologized for blowing up. I can honestly not remember ever being talked to like this by a young person in my life. I will be finding a new practice. I have had two dentists since the 1970's and two hygienists and am now looking for a third. I am not perfect and can be an asshole, for sure, but the generational twain and tone was simply too wide to bridge.


Kudos to Fallbrook High's baseball team for our first CIF championship in a century!


A woman on Alvarado on NextDoor said a crazy person was throwing rocks at cars the other night and included pics of her car which had a pretty big dent. Wonder if it could be connected to the old hospital on Elder which now serves the mental health community? I was told and am not sure if this is a fact, that the facility is contracted with Riverside County and only serves their mental patients. Like our San Diego whackjobs aren't good or nutty enough?

from my yahoo bird group- rare bird sighted in o.c.

Good Morning,

For those of you who don’t subscribe to out of county reports, a CRESTED CARACARA was photographed in Los Angeles on 6/4/23. Yesterday it was seen at Seal Beach, in Orange County, flying in East to Southerly direction around 10:30 am. It was photographed and relocated sometime after 4:00 pm yesterday further southeast in Irvine ( https://ebird.org/checklist/S140858034 )
Keep your eyes open just in case it’s headed our way!!! Rumor has it Southbay is a previous stopping location.


Sanoguy said...

I agree with your take on the Village News… I stopped taking it a couple of years ago… I had taken it for many years.

Jeff Nichols said...

Ditto on the Village News. The constant hard-right emphasis is too much to deal with.

I recommend this instead: https://everythingfallbrook.org . Just Fallbrook news, people and events. No slant.