Wednesday, June 14, 2023

The unwoke beer

The titanic forces pitted against each other in our societal culture wars are tearing at each other's throats like fierce dragons. Woke vs. unwoke, gay versus straight, young versus old, white against most of the other hues in the spectrum.

I happen to think that the youth of today are far less apt to be sexists, homophobes, racists or bigots than their parent's generation, which I guess includes me. And I also think that is a really good thing. Our destiny. I know people who are horrified by mixed race couples, gay couples, what have you. But they will be on the losing side of the equation in the long run.

Kids are pretty much color blind and orientation blind today and I think that is an advance. Sure, there will be troglodyte states like Florida and Texas who think that they will be able to legislate the woken genie back in the bottle for a short period of time but the kids and inclusivity will win in the long run and trust me, we will all be better for it.

The advertisers of course already know this and have placed their bet$ because they have statisticians working for them that follow the money and know who is spending, setting trends and poised to inherit the whole megillah. That is why it is so hard to find a television commercial these days featuring a straight white couple.

So I think it is sort of funny but sad that the voices of repression have set their eyes on Budweiser for daring to put out an ad with a tranny. There is a national boycott in full fury and no longer is that awful swill our top selling beer, having been replaced by of all things, Modelo.

Bud Light has been dethroned as the nation’s top-selling beer in recent weeks, a data analytics company said, a sign that the backlash the brewer received from conservatives over its relationship with a transgender influencer may be taking a toll.

Taking its place in the No. 1 spot is Modelo Especial, a Mexican beer made by Constellation Brands, making up 8.4 percent of U.S. retail beer sales in the four weeks that ended June 3, according to Nielsen IQ data analyzed by the consulting firm Bump Williams. Sales of Bud Light fell to 7.3 percent in the same period.

The shift follows a conservative-led boycott against Bud Light that started after Dylan Mulvaney, a transgender influencer, posted a video on Instagram on April 1 promoting a Bud Light contest. Bud Light’s share of retail sales has dropped about three percentage points since the boycott began.

I'm not going to cry for Budweiser, a truly awful beer that mainly acted as an alcohol delivery system for many of the sad and washed up drunks I used to hang out at the Moose Lodge with. 

But I started thinking about how the advertising minds might be whirling over at equally dreadful Coors, our number two domestic beer.  How could they now increase their market share? And I came up with this ad comp this afternoon. 

Wouldn't that be a genius way to exploit the situation and capitalize on their chief competitor's misfortune? Will be interesting to see if companies continue to pick sides in this cultural brouhaha. It will be a financial loser but they may be forced to go one way or another I am afraid.

I will trust the kids. Woke might not be perfect but it beats the heck out of dead asleep.


Scrota said...

Not to throw cold brew on your little rant, but it needs just a little dose of reality
to show what is and isn't apparent:

These are not equivalents...despite what 'polls' show the number of homosexuals in the
marketplace is tiny...there is no 'gay versus straight'. Heterosexuals outnumber them about 98 to two, and actuarially speaking the homos don't exist, as in what they think
prompts a big yawn. There gig has been outlawed for about 10,000 years and the pendulum always swings back. Society will protect itself. There is no 'progress' in degeneracy. Case in point the pandering by ball clubs for 'Pride' month. Saluting sodomy in the sportsworld. How many buggerers in Major League sports? In basketball, soccer, football, hockey, water polo, volleyball, bowling, curling, horse racing, tennis, badminton and chess? Zero. How many in women's sports...they're all Lesbians.

Again the idea of something woke is as stupid as the term and it's already passe...rearing it's ugly head in the marketplace it will be sure to get it lopped off
or like bell bottoms, absorbed into the culture and it will have no relevance in six months. It tried to be new and 'groovy' but cross-dressing as a vocation really isn't going anywhere. It'll go the way of KMart, Kodak and Sears, something you thought was as solid as Gibralter and just slipped away.

The young you speak of are the adolescents that don't own anything, nothing to protect. And yet again they are outnumbered mightily by the ones who have to work for a living. The young will come of age and be displaced by the next 'young' whose sole
interest will be something entirely new, and just as dumb.

And the race war you are hoping for ain't gonna happen...non African Americans are about 87% of the population. End of story. There is a limit to what race hustling can
accomplish and it's only a few crumbs from the corporate world as fire insurance thrown to the Black lawyers who are always there to pick them up. And it never changes, and never ends. There is no 'progress' in progressivism.

Booker T

Blue Heron said...

Millard, you might want to move to Uganda. I think you could find a lot of like minded company there. Your comments regarding gays in sports are of course, obviously incorrect but I won't waste my time on responding to what is clearly a trolly non credible attempt at discourse.

Scrota said...

Trolly?? You win.

Jon Harwood said...

Ignore the woke wars, we must finally celebrate the long overdue Justice For Mexican Beer.