Blue Heron in flight

Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Early morning red shouldered hawk, Willow Glen


The political situation is so nauseating right now that I am going to stick with birds and happy stuff as much as possible. So much stupidity, so much "whataboutism" it makes me sick. Talk about a dysfunctional government...

Now I could easily cheerlead but it would be pointlessly inflammatory and nerves are raw. I will comment where I feel necessary but a running scoresheet does nobody any good. No need to be pouring salt on raw wounds. We're in the midst of a civil war, damnit!

We'll talk about good things. Hmmm. The four kids in the Colombian jungle survived after forty days in remote jungle. That's cool. Nuggets finally get a NBA championship, the center from Serbia doing things that maybe nobody has done before him. If I can think of anything else I will.


So let's talk about photography for a second, shall we? I have a good friend who constantly tells me that my pictures appear too dark and that I should adjust and calibrate my monitor.

The truth is that I like them light at times and dark at times because honestly life is comprised of light and dark. It is true that new photo software can do a brilliant job of lifting details and lightening shadows. Everything can look like the bright sky at noon. But that is not reality. Shadow and darkness exists and should be celebrated, not illuminated at every juncture.

End of sermon.

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