Juvenile red tailed hawk with clean and pristine feathers

Monday, June 12, 2023

Sunday Mornin comin' down

I drove to the mailbox yesterday to get the Sunday paper when I espied the pretty young red tailed hawk in the dead tree. 

I had the 24-70 walkaround lens on the Nikon but it wasn't sufficient and I decided to stick the zoom on and grab a couple shots. It was actually pretty dark and gloomy out and I wasn't sure if I could get anything decent out of the attempt.

Such a beautiful bird! 

This one has a leucistic white patch on the back of its head. I did not see its sibling.

Todd, Carol and Tom all stopped by to help me with a water leak. Carol has a cat that is half bengal and half bobcat, with a bobbed tail. Awful pretty.

Not a whole lot else to report. Leslie made a wonderful oatmeal peach crisp. 

We had a spotted towhee stop by for lunch, love these goofy little birds. 

I watched a grosbeak and a house finch tussle over a sunflower seed.

I deadheaded the roses and sort of enjoyed the gloom. 

So many nice flowers blooming right now, the Hong Kong orchid fully charged. 

House desperately needs a paint job, can't afford it unfortunately at the moment.

That's about it. Rereading Vonnegut's Sirens of Titan. We went out with Kip to Peking Wok and had dinner. In bed early. Hope you all had a nice Sunday. Wasn't supposed to rain last night but it did. Good. 


Jon Harwood said...

There is a spotted towhee who sits on my truck mirror flys down to look at herself, Then back up to the mirror to repeat the process over and over. It’s pretty cool.

Lena said...

Love all the birds! Wonderful…