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Thursday, June 15, 2023

Cetacean payback


I heard on the radio that not only are orcas in Europe attacking boats, they appear to have a ringleader. They have sunk three boats so far in the wave of attacks but have damaged many others. Interesting story

What flipped the switch?

A killer whale, known to locals as 'White Gladis' has declared war on luxury yachts in the Strait of Gibraltar, and may be training an army of juvenile orcas to exact her revenge.

Sometimes called the 'devil fish of Gibraltar', the orca has waged a reign of terror for the past few years.

It's believed she and her pod may be responsible for having sunk three yachts and damaging hundreds more.

The spate of attacks is getting ridiculous.

In 2022, there were 132 reports of interactions between passing vessels and orcas around the Iberian Coast, with another 256 passages occurring without incident or interaction.

That is over 30%. And why is a part of me rooting for the Orcas in this inter special kerfuffle? And what bee got under Gladis bonnet? A Spanish biologist might have a clue.

Spanish biologist Dr Monica Gonzalez believes White Gladis may be out to destroy luxury yachts after suffering an injury from a fishing trawler, proving that hell really hath no fury quite like a whale scorned...

"Our theory is that this orca, White Gladis, had an adverse moment, perhaps related to a fishing boat while hunting tuna," the biologist told Yachting Monthly.

"We think that this orca had an incident and [now] she is trying to stop all boats. We think that the other orcas are juveniles and are copying her behaviour because she is an adult and they think that as an adult we need to do this to survive."

So far the marauding army of whales has grown to at least 13 juveniles and two adults. The second adult has been dubbed 'Grey Gladis'.


I looked killer whale White Gladis in the eye as she tried to sink my boat – now I know exactly why she’s on the rampage - The Sun

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