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Monday, June 5, 2023

My week.

It would be both trite and a rank exaggeration to term my week a week from hell. It was not very productive but my show was in a lovely setting and my hosts took exceedingly good care of me. I was exhibiting at a small boutique show held at the St. Francis Episcopal Church in Palos Verdes, now in its 52nd year.

I wasn't hit by a car and I didn't come down with anything too contagious. Wasn't branded as an apostate. How bad could it be? I gave it my best shot and who knows, maybe somebody calls me up and buys something after thinking about it for a week or two...

But I am getting ahead of myself, now where do I start? Besides telling you that I am utterly exhausted?

Let's go back to last Sunday and fill in the blanks before I start the post mortem.

One of the high points was getting a visit from my friends Frank and Joy Purcell and their lovely daughter Kim from Palm Springs/ Taos. 

Frank is over 90 and about the sharpest and one of the most knowledgeable people I know. Joy is equally bright and it is a joy to be in their collective presence. 

To have their daughter along was a rare treat. They were in town visiting our mutual friend Linda Heald.

My garden is still bestowing daily gifts. 

Something new is blooming every day. Purple iris and lantana and the Mexican bird of paradise. The opuntia has more yellow blooms than I can ever remember.

Leslie and I went to Renee's house and made pizza Sunday.

The first one was a cooked tomato sauce with mozzarella, prosciutto, mushrooms and basil, the second a pesto, shrimp, artichoke heart number.

Both tasted great. 

But I think the consensus was that the margarita was better, a two step cook on the pizza stone. 

The pesto was a bit wet and made the crust a little soggy.

Live and learn. 

I had a show in Palos Verdes this week as I had mentioned I would. 

It was held at a beautiful Episcopalian Church and I forgot how lovely it was, not having exhibited there in a couple of decades.

I really can't remember ever being treated better. 

They cooked us lunch and had a formal tea, cooked us a going away dinner.

The parishioners and attendees were exceedingly nice. 

Were they collectors of my early California material?

Jury is out, a lot of interest but I am not sure they were entirely comfortable with the price point, being an older crowd that seemed perhaps beyond the aggressive buying stage and more interested in the decorative and who were not not necessarily "collectors."

But where do you find them these days?

I think I put up a really nice booth and our host Jamie could not have been any more kind and helpful. 

What more can you ask for?

Well, a few more sales but what are you going to do?

My old friend Joe Knoernschild came by and gave me a lovely Bill Ogden book, it was nice to catch up with him.

I found a killer taco stand in Torrance, Tacos El Goloso

I had never had deep fried potato tacos before and along with the birria, they were the bomb. 

Went twice.

I am thinking that it is a regional delicacy, I am guessing Oaxaca but could be completely wrong.

Wonderful sauces. PCH and Hawthorne.

Speaking of Mexico, for the second time in a month I found myself engaging in Spanish with Mexican kids that did not speak their native language. It was embarrassing for both me and them. Pochos. I asked the two kids at the show if it bothered their grandparents and they said it did. Very strange.

My sister in Florida texted me. Barbara had this guy on her front porch, had to call a trapper. Between reptiles and a reptilian governor, not a place I feel real comfortable.

I packed out Saturday night and it was not nearly as scary as it could have been. The boys helped me and I am very grateful. 

Limited parking I thought I wouldn't get home until midnight but it was one of my quickest packouts ever. They served a delicious free dinner before I left.

Would I try it again? Absolutely, it takes time for people to get comfortable and there was enough good discussion to make it promising. But then again I am a glutton for punishment.

Went to the shop at six yesterday morning and unpacked the van. 

I needed fuel desperately and decided to be really bad and go for the coronary stopper, the chicken fried steak. Honest to god, first time ever at Main Street but the gravy was so good I guarantee it won't be the last.

Returned home and drove to Encinitas where Dave and Amy had rented a house for a week while Dave attended a medical conference. 

They invited us to the Cubs and Padres game. We stopped off first for an overpriced meal at the Provisional at the Pendry. Close to the ballpark but pretty sad, not to mention expensive. 

I wanted to go to Cucina Urbana, maybe next time. I tell people that all the food in the Gaslamp District is terrible and always has been and always will be. They have enough dumb tourists down there that they don't have to raise their game.

Our baseball game was pretty bad. Padres got rocked about 7 to 1. I lost count. 

We had no shade near first base and it was hot as hell. 

And Dave, an ardent cubbies fan, was so happy. We always lose when he is in town.

Don't I look happy?

Les and I ended up walking around the halls of Petco out of the sun. I paid over nine bucks for a plain fudgesicle, and they gave me a break at that because it was melty.

We left in the eighth, I couldn't take anymore, went and got some noodles on Convoy and then over to Del Mar for some really good Gelato at Ans.

Leslie was in heaven.

Went in again at six today, working on fumes. A client friend is coming and I did what usually takes me a week to unpack in one day.

Not finished but took a big bite out of the apple.

On my way home to collapse.


Blue Heron said...

Such a great blog post! I wish your show was more financially productive but your travel log was fun to read!
Those pizzas look pretty darn pro! Yum.
I’m living vicariously through you, Rob, so please live it up!! 🤣


Blue Heron said...

Nice fotos & as usual, I'm starving after seeing the food; sadly , I have maybe a peanner butter sandwich or frozen waffle awaiting me...

Gator on the front porch ? I would be outta there so fast.

Blue Heron said...

Hardest working man in ‘Show’ business

Don’t know how you do it

Best of luck,