Friday, June 9, 2023


I had to go to San Diego the other day for business and decided to try a new place to eat, Phuong Trang. Or should I say, new place for me, it has been there forever. 

I have Vietnamese and American friends that both say that it is the best Vietnamese food around. Lena loves the chicken wings, done in two styles.

I waited and I waited. No movement. 

There was only one other couple ahead of me on the waiting list but I noticed a twelve top that was just ordering and after a half hour decided to cut my losses and split.

Interminable wait.

I went to tried and true Jasmine for dim sum instead.

I can no longer afford dim sum, sadly. 

I ordered four dishes, won ton soup, shrimp shumai, pork shumai and roast pork and the bill was $53 dollars plus tip.

Can't do it, won't do it anymore.


RoxAnn had a surfeit of boysenberries and her husband Mick brought them by.

I made a berry cobbler with boysenberries, strawberries and blueberries last night. 

I made a buttermilk crust, top and bottom.

It was good but I couldn't find the sugar and the berries were a bit tart.

Vanilla ice cream made everything better!


Leslie brought several lbs. of organic peaches home grown by Mike Fenton. 

With her permission I think I will make a peach pie this weekend.

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