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Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Taking a few arrows

I got a very strange response after my recent Palos Verdes blog from friend B.F..

He said that it was rambling and disjointed and he was honestly wondering if I was going crazy or having a nervous breakdown.

I re-read it and can't quite figure out where he is coming from. I was tired, true, but the thing just doesn't seem all that whacked to me. Going crazy?


He said I was going from the show to flowers to food to whatever and he just couldn't keep up.

I am not going to try to defend myself, I hate when actually crazy people do that. 

But in my defense will say that if a show sucks, I am not going to whine for a whole blogpost and dwell on my misfortune because that is truly boring.

I prefer to throw a picture of a bird, flower or taco in and at least give you some local color to break through the angst and despair.

I took an informal poll of friends and asked them to read the thing and see if I had a bolt or two loose and most thought it sounded fairly normal. 

At least for me.

This morning I took more fire. B.H. called.

"Bobby, you're getting political again."

Excuse me? What are you referring to?

"The golf thing. You sound like a nineteen year old. All that idealism. You're old. Grow up."

Well, I asked my friend. Don't you have any convictions at this point in your life?

He laughed. "Hell no."

And there you have it.

Any other complaints?

I had a nice sale yesterday, just in the nick of time.

I tried to take the day off today and it didn't work out as planned. 

Got skunked at Torrey Pines looking for falcons.

No grand ascensions without a whole mess of losses and strikeouts.

Would be nice to put a couple hits together, try to get a little win streak going. 

Have to keep swinging the bat and looking for decent pitches to hit.

I went off on an "art expert" on linked in who published the smarmiest, most condescending piece on art and antique dealers who couldn't "crack it" any more in the brave new world and need to change or get out of the way.

I hit the guy back so hard, he erased his piece and muted me with his tail between his legs. Wish I had taken a screenshot of the thing and my response before it was excised.

I made a nice batch of short ribs last night. I used fresh sage and rosemary from the garden.

Leslie said this batch was the best yet. I think the Cote de Rhone wine works a lot better in the dish than the Manishewitz I used previously.

Who knew?

RoxAnn is bringing over a big container of boysenberries tomorrow so there is a berry cobbler awaiting us in the near future!

Should staunch the wounds.


Diane O said...

You're kidding about the Manishewitz, right? Anyway, you are certainly one of the sane, al least it says so in my book. ~ Diane O

Blue Heron said...

Tell B.F and B.H. that it sounds like it’s been too long since they have been able to take a B.M.