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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Personal stuff

Sunset at Avalon Harbor

I got busted by a friend the other day. Justifiably. For an obsessive scribe I sure am a shitty letter writer. I favor short, terse, impersonal replies. And it is pretty awful really because I get some very lovely notes from my friends and can't be bothered to respond with much more than a grunt? Such horrible manners. Really. I can say that it is a conservation of energy thing because I write so much but it would merely be a bullshit excuse.

The blog touches a thousand people a day on a decent day. But it is no excuse either to ignore my close friends or to glean their personal communications for blog fodder. I can't forget the personal. I apologize. My bad.

American Gothic

I have a large network of friends and associates. I think that I usually keep up with the ins and outs of the movements and personalities but there are times things simply pass me by.

I was shocked the other day to hear from Terry S. that Bob Joyce had passed away around Thanksgiving. A picker and antique dealer par excellence, Bob was from Omaha, a near constant sidekick to Terry, Vickie and Jan. A good friend of mine for many years. And to many others.

Unconventional and unbroken, like many of us.
A man who lived his life on his own terms.

I don't know much about his passing. Bradford said he might have heard that they found him in bed with a smile on his face. Hope it is true.

We will miss you Bob. Another one bites the dust.


daniel geary said...

Thank you for recognising bob "omaha" joyce. he has been a friend for many years and one of my favorite trading guys. one of a kind to be sure. it is important to remember and to recognize the various traders who we know now and when they pass.

my regards and respect.

daniel l. geary
lone tree antiquew and fine art

Blue Heron said...

Thank you Daniel, your sentiments are shared by many.