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Sunday, November 6, 2022

On the day that I was born, Daddy sat down and cried...

Have been listening to a lot of 77 dead recently, my favorite year. Dave was listening to the same June Winterland shows I was the other day, they played so extraordinarily that year and we never had a better time. So glad I was on the bus and going to lots of shows back then, many so called experts like David Lemieux weren't and it cracks me up to listen to them extoll now on the virtues of the shows they missed. I was listening to my first California show this morning, Cow Palace 74. It was such a different scene compared to what I was used to on the east coast. Very fun!

Probably could have been a rich banker or something like that today if I only had straightened up and flied right but this bird had a proclivity for flying left and I went with it. Thanks to all of you who made it happen, for a really good time.

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Anonymous said...

Glad to have enjoyed that era with you. Seems my passion for the band coincided with some of their best playing, according to what you are saying.