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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Keep on talking...


No color adjustment. You know, my trusty old dslr still does a fine job. I see remarkable shots from Ken's mirrorless but I don't have to go there. Would cost twenty or thirty grand to replicate the camera and lenses I have. Why spend the money? Good technique and a little imagination trips fancy gadgets, expensive new technology and ai any day of the week.

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Jon Harwood said...

One could write a book on the many delusions that amateur photographers develop and are foisted on them by the industry. If these delusions were true there would never have been a fine photograph until somewhere around 2022. I can't see anything wrong with the great new equipment, it is just that it isn't mandatory for every photo. I sure would want a new setup if I was shooting in Qatar for the World Cup but for the stuff I do my old setup is fine (I won't mention the boring and repetitive nature of my stuff). Anyhow I think the old rule applies: Any camera, even a disposable, can be a great camera if one uses it within its limits.

Thus spake the Great Sage, St. Pretentious.