Peregrine flight

Monday, November 7, 2022

Tree Squirrel

It won't be earth shattering to most of you but it was quite unusual for me. I was driving home on Willow Glen when a large grey tree squirrel with a fat bushy tail ran across the road in front of my car and scampered up a tree to the west.

This occurred in front of the Tinker Transient Headquarters towards the old Latimer place.

We don't have tree squirrels in Fallbrook, haven't seen one here in forty two years. We have ground squirrels and they don't climb. Ever.

But now we do.

I called Brian my neighbor. He told me that he saw one down by the bridge about five years ago, on the same road.

So they are here.

Anybody else ever see one in Fallbrook?


Anonymous said...

I haven't seen one since I moved to Fallbrook, Palomar Drive area 9 years ago. ~ Diane O

Anonymous said...

We used to see them scampering about in the massive oak trees surrounding the old Garnsey gourd ranch while driving by, going to or coming from town. I had heard that the poison used to protect the avocado trees from ground squirrels also decimated the tree squirrel population. Now that avocado production has pretty much ceased, maybe they might be starting to making a comeback. I sure hope so. There's fewer and fewer people around now that experienced the Fallbrook and Deluz canyon environment when it was more open, abundant with wildlife. It really is soul-crushing to see it now, by comparison. - Dave in Japan