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Thursday, November 24, 2022

Happy Thanksgiving

I want to wish all of my loyal friends and readers a very happy thanksgiving. 

I am back from a very long, arduous and thankfully rewarding trip. First a show in San Francisco, then a layout in Sonoma and finally down to Santa Barbara for another event.  Drove back Monday.

It is definitely not getting any easier, driving is harder, packing in and out takes longer and I miss my wife when I am gone, not to mention my cats and peeps. Takes a week or two to put my gallery back together.

I don't have the time to give you a blow by blow but if there was a word to succinctly describe the trip, I would have to say gluttony. I don't think know I have never eaten like this on a trip.

Shirley and I in my booth.

Like my birthday dinner at Koi Palace with ten friends, including blog reader Shirley, who flew in from Marquette, Michigan. I had never met her in the flesh before and it was a real pleasure.

She wrote me a couple years ago and bought a Blast t-shirt.

Speaking of which, I have been amazed lately at the amount of people that introduce themselves to me and mention that they read the blast. Very flattering and much appreciated.

Anyway, back to the meal. A half a suckling pig, a whole crab, whole lobster, whole roast duck, beef chow fun, we went for it with gusto.

I love Koi Palace, which is located in Daly City, which also happens to be the first place I ever saw the Grateful Dead in California. 3/23/74. The Cow Palace.

Listening to the show as we speak, first performance of Cassidy. Saw it with Hank, Gabe, Johnny, my brother, my mom and her then boyfriend Ed. Almost a half century ago.

Anyway I digress, this exercise in Chinese gustatory excess may have only been topped by the next excursion to the rusty and trusty old Iron Gate in Belmont. 

I love the Iron Gate, a warhorse throwback where tuxedo clad waiters still serve abalone and light things on fire. 

Used to take my father there when he was alive, he loved it and we got our favorite waiter from the Bella Vista, Victor.

Ann and I split a chateaubriand and a wilted spinach salad lit ablaze with brandy. We topped the meal off with their delicious Grand Marnier and Chocolate soufflés. Petit decadent, no?

There were so many great meals and frankly so much red meat consumed this trip that I feel a bit guilty. Not just for singlehandedly harming the global bovine population but there is that. But for being such a chazer, certainly.

Then there was this meal with Alyssa at the Tee Off is Santa Barbara. The platters are about 16" long and the rib eye hung over Flintstone style and the prime rib filled the darn thing. Tasted so damn good.

Then there was the hot pot meal at H & L on Airport in Burlingame.  

Very expensive, Hong Kong style. I was the only non asian on the premises. I had pork belly and lamb shoulder. Cooked in about six seconds. They warned me against the spicy broth with peppercorn. I had it anyway. My lips were numb when I left. I dug it. I will return.

So much good food this trip. Nice dinner with Michael at Pausa in San Mateo. Brents in Encino for lox and whitefish. Couple trips to Esaus in Carpenteria for a great breakfast, best chicken enchiladas ever. Multiple breakfasts at Christies in Burlingame. The enchilada special at Super Rica. A wonderful stew at Rick and Anne's in Sebastopol. A great late birthday meal at Melissa and Gary's. Too many great meals to remember, honestly. The shame.

Combination fried rice breakfast at LeeAnns. Yum.

It was good to take a break from the blog and social media for a few weeks. No politics. Give my brain a chance to settle, let the batteries recharge.

I do have a lot to go in to, including pictures and a full run down on the shows but it will have to wait for another day. Was bummed to hear that the long running Del Mar Antique Show has been canceled, at least in the short term, not enough dealers. Big part of my income, hope it resurrects...

Enjoy your turkey and your family and your loved one's company! Don't over eat...


Anonymous said...

As I read about your culinary exploits I could feel my smaller artery branches shutting closed. I wash my hands of your coronary arteries. Happy Thanksgiving. Did you just eat a vat of butter for the occasion? Miss you and Leslie, N

Anonymous said...

NOW I get it...you just go to all those shows to EAT. Selling is just a nice by-product, something to do when you're not eating...


Juliah said...

Oh my! Glad you enjoyed your birthday celebration in a big way! So much food! And it all looked delicious! Good for you.