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Friday, May 5, 2023

Around town

It was sad to see that they tore Fred Terriault's old house down. A vestige from a bygone era. The twenties era house near Industrial with the red tile roof. Sort of caddy corner from Quality Clutch. 

It was one of the neatest old houses in Fallbrook. Real plaster. A class act from the distant past. Too much simple charm and trouble to keep up I suppose.

I always meant to take a picture of it, now it is too late. I didn't know. The property has been for sale for a while. Not a lot of twenties era houses left in a town that went whole hog for fake Tuscan stucco somewhere along the way. If I had a dollar for every person that asked me for an Italian vineyard painting...

The train spur was in the back yard of what was once a huge property. Fred used to hop the train when he wanted to come into town when he was a kid.


I decided to play hookie today. I didn't feel like working. I stopped off at the library and renewed my card. It had expired I had been gone so long. I stopped into the Bottom Shelf to buy a book. To my surprise the classics section I usually haunt was decimated, hardly anything there.

I asked the lady working what was up and she said some rich lady bought all the old books for her new home. I imagine she will look very literary and well read. Will probably never even open one. But my, do the leather bounds look good on the shelf, read or not.

What a world we live in.


Mick and RoxAnn had a dove visitor leave a little present in a christmas cactus plant on their sill. 

A pair of doves has been hanging around.

Very cool, wonder if it will hatch?

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RoxAnn said...

Momma dove has been sitting on the egg most of the day. I’m trying to avoid the area and have to creep up to my kitchen sink so I don’t disturb her. How long is the incubation of a dove egg? Just googled it and it’s 14 days. I also learned that the male dove sits on the eggs during the day. The female takes the night shift.