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Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Meanwhile in Florida...


Eric and Lara Trump share the dais at Trump resort in Miami with Nazis - Media Matters

The Trump National Doral resort will host two antisemites who have promoted pro-Adolf Hitler propaganda and spread virulently antisemitic conspiracy theories. They will be speaking at an event in Miami alongside numerous Team Trump personalities, including Eric Trump, Lara Trump, and Devin Nunes. 

Trump Doral speaker Scott McKay, who has a streaming show on Rumble, has claimed that Jewish people orchestrated 9/11 and were responsible for the assassinations of Presidents Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, and William McKinley. He has also said that Jewish people routinely torture children and eat their hearts.

He has praised Hitler for supposedly trying to take down a Jewish banking system and said, “Hitler was actually fighting the same people that we're trying to take down today.” 

Trump Doral speaker Charlie Ward, who also streams a show on Rumble, has shared posts praising Hitler for supposedly “warning us” about Judaism; claiming that “VIRUSES are Man (JEW) made”; and attacking the alleged Jewish media for supposedly lying about the Holocaust. 

Eat their hearts? Blechh! 


Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar promotes pro Hitler and holocaust denying website. - Media Matters


The most recent Texas mall shooter Mauricio Garcia had a Nazi swastika tattoo on his chest and an SS on his arm and had posted social media rambles about replacement theory. 

He also wore a right wing death squad patch fashionable among hate groups today. Ironic that his last name was Garcia

Not easy for a hispanic to find acceptance with white supremacists. A self hating incel, apparently. 

It does not take a genius to see that the extreme right's confluence with antisemitism and fascism is getting more and more overt. 

You would hope that more rational people on the right would speak up about the danger it poses but I would not exactly hold your breath waiting for that to happen. 

Very scary times indeed.

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Blue Heron said...

It is obvious that these fringe nutcases are responsible for promoting the hate that led to both the Poway and Pittsburgh synagogue shootings. From adl.org:

In 2022, ADL tabulated 3,697 antisemitic incidents throughout the United States. This is a 36% increase from the 2,717 incidents tabulated in 2021 and the highest number on record since ADL began tracking antisemitic incidents in 1979. This is the third time in the past five years that the year-end total has been the highest number ever recorded.