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Friday, May 12, 2023

Friday Potpourri

I have been sick all week with a cold and have just left the house and driven to the red tailed hawk nest for the first time in four days. 

The changes in musculature, feather growth and color in such a short period of time is incredible.

They have lost about 90% of their white juvenile down in the last five days.

I hate to miss a day!


Linda Kohn Sherwood sent me this one, I hope not:


Jon sent a picture of one of his favorite roses.

"Here is Cardinal de Richelieu, a Gallica rose introduced about 1857.  

It blooms once a year and is the most purple of the old roses."

Lena sent a couple snaps too. 

I love orange and yellow roses. 

Brass Band and Lucille Ball two of my absolute favorites. These are sure pretty.


My puya alpestris has a spike. I didn't expect one for another five or six years.

This is the lovely but lethal sapphire flower from Brazil. It takes forever to bloom.

Looking forward to seeing it. Good Earth Nursery has a lovely specimen at the bottom of their driveway that flowers every year.


RoxAnn shows off her Gemini, long stemmed and fragrant. A hybrid tea.


Dixon used to grow the prettiest roses around, not sure if he still does in Eastridge?

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