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Sunday, May 28, 2023

Shooting Star Ranch

We were invited to a tribal meeting of the the Lipan Apache Band of Texas yesterday. It was a potluck held at Shooting Star Ranch. I believe that we were the only non tribal members or some of the few, in any case I was very honored for the invite.

Our host was Chuck, a retired combat photographer and great guy.

Among other things, they raise endangered San Clemente Island goats at the ranch.

The Lipan were the easternmost band of Apaches and had a very troubled history. Not a lot of them survived and they are still fighting for official recognition. Their language most resembles Jicarilla. Many were absorbed into the Mescalero and some had to escape to Mexico to hide out from the Comanches at a point in their history.

I gravitated towards this fellow with the 101st airborne hat. Talked to him for three hours easy without a break, he telling me incredible Vietnam stories and also tales of his time as a police man. 

It is Memorial day weekend and he was fascinating. I mostly let him talk.

Then he started talking to me about his tribe. About Chevato, Cuelgas de Castro and his ancestors.

Turns out that he is also the chairman.

Amazing fellow with incredible stories. Has passed through the eye of the needle many times. 

Was an honor to meet him and for us to be there.

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