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Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Pete Brown

Pete Brown has passed. Most people have no idea who we was but the British bard was one of the greatest writers of rock lyrics ever, a fine singer and a poet who published over five anthologies.

He is best known for the writing he did with Jack Bruce for Cream which included Sunshine of your love, Deserted cities of the heart, Politician, White Room and I feel free. Sunshine of your love was the first song I learned to play guitar leads on when I was a kid.

He also worked with Graham Bond experience and John McLaughlin and had various bands of his own that were highly respected if little known to the masses. A lantzman, not that makes much of a difference.

Check out the 13th floor at the 12:50 mark. Cool song.

He died the other day. You did good, Pete. God bless the wordsmiths.

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