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Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Bunch of lushes

I wrote yesterday about the new move to allow 14 year olds to serve booze in Wisconsin. I wondered to myself if it was such a good idea because I remember once reading that Milwaukee had the highest alcohol consumption in our nation per city with St. Paul second. 

Might not be the best thing to do to put impressionable young minds and bodies in that type of liquid environment. Help raise a brand new generation of alcoholics. I decided to do a little research this morning. 

Things have changed a little bit but then again they haven't. St. Paul must be on the wagon. But Wisconsin has a real drinking problem. Half of the national leaders for alcohol consumption per city are now in Wisconsin. 

Green Bay is the current champion for the sloshed and has the besotted crown of most Drunken City in America. Over a quarter of its citizens are alcoholics drink to excess. Pack one on, Packers! 'Cause Eau Claire is breathing right down your smelly drunken neck.

What was more surprising to me was consumption by state. You would think Wisconsin would own this by a country mile but you would be wrong. New Hampshire holds the crown and it isn't even close. By close to a gallon.

Party state Nevada does not surprise but Delaware? District of Columbia? No wonder our country is in shambles. Are all of our politicians stone drunk?

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Blue Heron said...

Hmm...looking at the drinking stats....you'd drink too, if you had to live in summa those places !

Good rant/ramble. I'll get back to it for dessert.