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Friday, May 5, 2023

It means Roger Stone is sleeping with the fishes...

In case you haven't noticed, things haven't been looking so good of late for the Mar a Lago mob boss and family. First, his underboss, Mike Pence, agreed to testify to the January 6th Grand Jury. Pence, should have remembered the law of omerta but saw how the family head was ready to let him hang for not fixing the election and declaring him winner. Rumor is that he sang like a canary.

Now word that there is a snitch at Mar a Lago and talk is that the surveillance tapes may have been monkeyed with. There is a gap Rosemary Woods couldn't fill on those tapes. What else is the stoolie going to spill? Oy vey.

Trump must be on absolute shpilkis. What are the feds going to think when they find out that the stolen government documents were removed at the Orange one's command and moved to Jersey before the cavalry showed up with their search warrant?

The Don's Proud Boy muscle, those guys that went to the mattresses and fought for him and against the cops tooth and nail on January sixth have now been convicted and the ringleaders are looking at upwards of 20 to 50 years for assault, battery and sedition.

The rape thing in New York is ridiculous. First the Don said he never met the woman, then changed his story after a photograph surfaced of them together and finally said that she was swooning all over him. Which is it? He has put on zero defense and things are not looking good but hey, it's only civil, he can throw money at it and it isn't like it will put him in the can.

Transferring the Bragg case to Federal Court is not a bad play. Remember in the Untouchables when Capone bought off all the jurors and judges? Well, the deeper you go into the federal court system, the more and more crooked judges you find that the Don bought or appointed. Brilliant. He also attempted to throw the whole investigation under the congressional purview of his trusted house caporegime Jim Jordan but that stupid fish wouldn't swim.

Georgia is more problematic, especially now it is evident that he was in the room when the discussions took place about using stolen voting data. Eight fake electors have now copped immunity deals. This alone could get him fitted for a new vertical prison striped wardrobe.  Very thinning I understand.

I can't wait for the rest of the episodes, this is turning out to be quite the season.

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