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Thursday, May 11, 2023

Connie Converse

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Blue Heron said...

Good Evening, Cousin,
I enjoyed your latest blog; I was trying to comment on Connie Converse, and, it would not publish because I got number of motorcycles in the squares wrong, and, the powers that be at GOOGLE wanted me to change my settings. Anyway, a friend sent me an article about her last week. Evidently she would be around 100 now. Whoever wrote the article with a question mark referred to her as an early Bob Dylan. I will have to listen to more of her on APPLE MUSIC.
A band to which I finally gave a listen in the past month is the DROPKICK MURPHYS (from Boston)…downloaded some songs for what I call my GYMLIST playlist, being the total gymrat I am. I’m guessing that we have pretty similar music tastes. Are you familiar with a band called THE TURNPIKE TROUBADOURS? I think their music is great. Also, BLUEGRASS…lots of that in my iTunes library. We have a friend, Sam Bush, and we have known him since he was about 19. The past few years we have been letting it sink in that in the past few years, he has been referred to as the GRANDFATHER of modern bluegrass. And I do refer to Warren Zevon as “the thinking person’s rocker.”
On a different subject, and this would be relevant only if you do watch SUCCESSION. I was TOTALLY freaked out by Sunday night’s episode…it was like watching a reprise of election night, 2016. Sleep Sunday night? …Not a chance…SHARKTANK until midnight; BEAT BOBBY FLAY until 2; Two back to back episodes of DATELINE. And I was so grateful to fall asleep until half way through WAY TOO EARLY. Okay, I hear that bottle of Pinot Gris calling my name; got to put the finishing touches on dinner. AND as it goes in the HOLD STEADY song, THE ENTITLEMENT CREW: “Thanks for listening; Thanks for understanding………”