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Saturday, May 20, 2023

Who are they trying to kid?

There's an interesting phenomenon playing out across red state America. Deathly afraid of ballot initiatives legalizing abortion like the one that passed in Kansas, and worried about rising public sentiment, conservatives are unilaterally passing 12 week abortion bans and calling them a compromise. 

They are often couched with language like "We really wanted a six week ban, do you see how moderate we are?"

These "compromises" take place in back room, late night deals, with no public comment and no input from the opposite party. They will continue to chip away, at the state and federal level, against the pills and the procedures and won't stop until they finally outlaw contraception.

It is not a compromise if you do not allow the opposition to speak. Hopefully, Americans will see through these sorts of parlor tricks.

The American public, red or blue, has shown that it is strongly in favor of reproductive rights. I would like to see an abortion ballot proposition in every state of the union.

Why not let the people decide?

Like it or not, Planned Parenthood clinics are the front line, go to, access point for healthcare for women in many rural, poor and underserved communities. You have to wonder how curtailing abortion access will affect women's' health in general. New doctors, gynecologists and obstetricians are fleeing red states in droves.

Soon we will see a marked degradation of general healthcare in these regions, for everybody.


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Sanoguy said...

I agree... the party that's said they are for more individual freedom and rights is rapidly becoming the Deep State Party... slowing / stopping individual freedom / rights.