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Saturday, May 13, 2023

Gunsmoke Wisdom


  • When you start to read readin, how do you know the fellow that wrote the readin, wrote the readin right? 

  • The onliest thing you get from stradlin' the fence is a sore backside.

  • "Most people just don't know how to make good coffee. In the first place, they boil the water before they put the coffee in. Any fool knows you gotta put the coffee in the cold water and bring them both to a boil together. That way you get all of the flavor. Worst thing they do, they throw away the old grounds after using them once. What they don't know is that they are throwing away the best part. You got to keep them old grounds and you add a little fresh coffee every morning and let her boil. Shoot, you don't make a cup, you build a pot. You don't really get a good pot until you've been usin' it about a week. Then it's coffee!"

  • If you don't call, then you don't see the hand.

Festus Haggen - Dodge City, Kansas


Diane O said...

The actor didn't spout that wisdom, some writer wrote it for his character to say. A writer wrote that. I support the Writers' Guild strike and I hope everybody will think about doing that too. ~ Diane O

Blue Heron said...

You're kidding? He didn't? Whoever wrote it did an outstanding job.