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Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Go take a walk.

I've been really stressed out, for reasons I really don't need to share here and desperately needed a walk yesterday. I thought about SJWA and Torrey but they were too far away and I was too depressed so I just decided to stay in Fallbrook and walk around Los Jigueros Preserve.

lesser goldfinch male

I don't know why but I guess I am really out of shape and can't remember the last decent walk I have taken. Anyway, both hips felt very impinged. Walking came very hard. Add the heavy camera and it was a chore. Dreadful how I have let myself slip.

song sparrow

matilija poppies

Beautiful out there. All that winter rain has brought more flowers than I can ever remember at the preserve. 

I pulled out the merlin app and took note of all the birds I heard.

Common yellowthroats and song sparrows, black phoebes, lesser goldfinches, yellow and orange crowned warblers, California towhees and Hutton's vireo completed the audio list.

I did not see a lot but I heard a lot.

Somebody asked me to put photos in a contest for the Fallbrook Land Conservancy. I hate contests. Why would I want to do that? 

I haven't been to hardly any other of their reserves. I am sure they have plenty of people that have shot great pictures. I honestly haven't.

I did give them a few native american prints for their auction. 

Contests bring out the worst in artists and photographers. Art is not a competition. As long as everybody acknowledges I am the best, anyway...

I do love the organization and appreciate everything they do for our community. Nice to have such a great place to walk and listen.

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Lena said...

Robert, I love your photos! I would never be able to see birds in such detail otherwise. Don’t stop walking. Don’t stop taking photos. For your pleasure and ours.