Friday, May 5, 2023

My two cents...

I was at a party last weekend and an extremely right wing guy was going off on the transgender thing. And I am thinking, wtf, why do you care so much? What is it to you? Why are people so triggered by other people's sexual identity and orientation? Anti gay and anti trans has reached a fever pitch in our society.

I know two transgendered people. Or I am aware of two anyway. I can't stand one of them but it has nothing to do with her transgenderism, I just think she is a back stabbing snake in whatever gender she decides to inhabit. A longtime professional acquaintance of mine.

The other one is a kid who confided in me. Sweetest thing, lovely human being. I can't be anything but supportive.

I admit that I have always been somewhat conflicted by the whole issue and discussion, I still don't agree with unfair competition at sporting events. I can see how the bathroom thing can trigger people but I think most T's just want to quietly get about their business and keep their activities private, not necessarily get in anyone's face.

I could argue this one either way, with x's and y's  and talks of self deception but what does it matter what I think? Why are you threatened? Why should I be?

People can make their own decisions about how they want to live, as long as they're not hurting anyone else physically, you just hope people don't make radical decisions like changing genders until they're absolutely sure that they will never have a change of heart. 

Give it a few years before you screw with the plumbing.

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Blue Heron said...

I think the underlying issue is a defense of white male patriarchy. Insisting on a binary identity for everyone ignores the scientific and historical cultural evidence. Gender blending individuals in many cultures have been thought to have a connection to the spirit world in a shamanistic sense. They sometimes had a function of voicing uncomfortable truths. That world is antithetical to monotheistic worldviews and patriarchal control. The window dressing of fear mongering around This issue draws on that deep disconnect

Personally I enjoy the complicated nature of the world